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Recovery Stories

My life used to be dark and dreary; there were days I couldn't even get out of bed. I would just pull the blankets over my head, and hope for another day. In these days I was hospitalized several times. Then I had an awakening, I was introduced to the Multi-Service Center where I was set up with a team of workers who introduced to me the RLC. I started attending groups, and started getting stronger with each meeting. The next thing I knew I was trained to be a Peer Facilitator. I started facilitating a few groups and started feeling good; my self esteem was getting better. I was happy. Then I heard about a job called a Bridger. I started looking into it; it struck my interest. I wrote a resume and gave copies to everyone. I really wanted the job and I went to every meeting and every training.

Finally all my hard work paid off. I got a call one July morning and was told I got the job. I was thrilled, and I couldn't believe it. I started working with two people from the crisis unit, and then I got a peer support job for the patients at Taunton State Hospital. I love all these jobs and my current goal is to become a certified Peer Specialist. I want to give to people the hope that was given to me.

Janet Ransom at 2014 Schiff

Janet Ransom and supporters at the 2014 Schiff Awards.