Plymouth Rocks

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Plymouth Rocks
340 Court Street, downstairs
Plymouth, MA 02360


I like being a peer specialist because I feel I have the ability to connect to an individual at any level at anytime. Maintaining a special belief in this process gives me the motivation to look at my own personal wellness as well.

The RCC is a place for people to grow--I've seen it happen! The RCC is a place for me to be amongst people who share a common problem. Yet, when you are there you are able to forget that problem for the most part.

The program gives me self-esteem. A way to structure and organize my day. A chance to interact with good people. A way to discuss different options.

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Don Lonergan, Program Director
Joanna Fueyo,Plymouth area Site Coordinator
Victoria Hadley, Co-coordinator
Eileen O'Brien, Bridger