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Waves of Wellness RCC
45 Plant Road
Hyannis, MA
(508) 815-5219

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Waves of Wellness offers connection, support for those in recovery


The thing that excites me most is coming into work and meeting a new peer and explaining to them what the RCC is and how we may be able to help support them in taking control of their Recovery! I am so fortunate to have such a great team of peers/staff to work with to help grow both RCCs.

For me recovery is hope, the hope to take charge of my mental health and well being.

Once you realise that you can be the central player in attaining and maintaining your own wellness, working with your treaters; come to know that by aligning yourself with peers and participating in peer activities, you sign on, as it were, to be "In Recovery."

The RCC is a beacon of hope and a bastion of understanding.

I feel supported, I feel there's a lot of help to be had from attending the groups.
Hasta la vista!


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Contact Us:

Don Lonergan, Program Director
Victoria Hadley, Coordinator
Jonathan Feeney, Peer Facilitator
Eileen O'Brien, Bridger
Heather McCarthy,Peer Facilitator
Elizabeth Kane, Official Volunteer