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Waves of Wellness RCC
45 Plant Road
Hyannis, MA
(508) 815-5219

Welcome to the Hyannis Recovery Connection Center (RCC) web page. The Hyannis RCC is the hub of the South East Recovery Learning Community (SERLC). It is a community-based program run entirely by people living with mental health and/or substance use issues who are commonly referred to as "Peers." We, as an RCC, provide support, education and advocacy to other peer members each week as they work toward their recovery goals. These individuals may need assistance and support as they transition from varying levels of care to more natural community settings. Our peers may come from the local community, acute and continuing care inpatient facilities, crisis stabilization units, homeless shelter programs, group homes or prisons and halfway houses. All are welcome. Just drop by.

We do not require health insurance, membership dues or fees or any paperwork of any kind. We are totally free and non-clinical. We believe that each person is an expert on their own experience and everyone has something of value to offer others who may be going through similar experiences.

Living in today's society, where stigma and prejudice abound, our peers tend to feel they don't quite fit in or are somehow less than others in the community at large. These feelings can lower self-esteem and trigger relapses. They are not able to openly discuss their mental health issues freely in their community. This can be very stressful for them. The Hyannis RCC's staff have lived experience with Dual Diagnosis of Addiction and/or Mental Health issues offering support and shared experience to their peers. They inspire hope and offer guidance about recovery in a way that is different from most paid professionals. We, at the RCC, do not criticize, judge or discriminate. We listen.

We are also active in our community, connecting with other entities such as NAMI, the Transformation Center, DMH, hospitals, clubhouses, the Pier Recovery Center and more. We run Expressive Arts and Support groups in different community places. We are known for offering trainings like, "In Our Own Voice," "Peer to Peer Mentoring" through NAMI, Certified Peer Specialist training through the Transformation Center and WRAP.

It is quite clear that when peers re-enter the community, they need a lot of support. Our Bridger Program helps peers integrate back into the community by working with them side-by-side as they encounter many transitions.

We offer a Transitional Aged Youth (TAY) program for young adults aged 18 to 26 who are moving from child/adolescent services into more independent adult services. The TAY initiative allows these young adults to socialize as well as work on their recoveries with their peers who are able to identify with the transitions they may be experiencing.

The Hyannis site has tried something different with their groups recently. We focus on providing more support, sharing and listening to our own voices. Rather than a traditional group, our groups are a bit less structured, game-like and fun. The groups we offer include a new concept of BINGO which uses positive, realistic sayings to increase self-awareness. The group, FISH BOWL, consists of topics written on slips of paper placed into a bowl which are chosen one-by-one and discussed. This allows peer support in a different format. The group, RECOVERY THROUGH MUSIC, involves sharing and listening to a chosen musical selection followed by the peer describing why that tune is important to them.

We have a fantastic Art Room containing supplies for different types of art groups and projects ranging from making slime to painting on canvases, and creating decorations for the varied holiday seasons.

Our Meditation Room may be used for relaxation or to just take a break. Peers tend to practice their mindfulness skills to reduce the way stress affects the brain. The group, PEACEFUL MIND, focuses on deep-breathing techniques and mindful movements helping us to realize the mind and body are one.

There is a small, but functionally fitted kitchen. The group, COOKING WITH FRIENDS, offers an opportunity for our peers to learn a new way to cook quick, healthy, inexpensive meals and meet new people. This is one of our larger groups. We all sit together, eat and talk making it a pleasant social event as well.

For those who appreciate a good workout, we have a state-of-the-art treadmill, a power bike, a Reebok step master, resistance bands, heavy balls, yoga mats and, our latest addition, a heavy punching bag for either stress relief or muscle-building.

Another good workout is through using the WII TV. We have a variety of games and skill-building choices. The group, FUN WITH FRIENDS, is a karaoke program where you can brush up on your singing or get the beat with our variety of drums and percussion instruments.

We are proud to offer a mini library and open computer time to our peer members.

The Hyannis RCC is known for its varied events and Holiday parties. This year, we recognized Mental Health Awareness month through sharing of researched topics and a meal, Black History month through our second, annual soul food luncheon and the sharing of historical facts, an art show opening entitled, "Let Your Own Sun Shine," an exercise challenge competition with the rest of the SERLC. We also participated in summertime activities and hosted the Thanksgiving meal, "Gobble 'till you Wobble". We have hosted several New Year parties for the entire SERLC and surrounding communities. The attendance at those celebrations is astounding. We often have a selection of home-cooked meals prepared by both staff and peers, though, sometimes, we will have the food catered.

Please note: The Hyannis RCC offers free transportation to and from our center. Please be sure to call ahead, 508-815-5219. We sure hope to see you soon.

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Waves of Wellness offers connection, support for those in recovery


The thing that excites me most is coming into work and meeting a new peer and explaining to them what the RCC is and how we may be able to help support them in taking control of their Recovery! I am so fortunate to have such a great team of peers/staff to work with to help grow both RCCs.

For me recovery is hope, the hope to take charge of my mental health and well being.

Once you realise that you can be the central player in attaining and maintaining your own wellness, working with your treaters; come to know that by aligning yourself with peers and participating in peer activities, you sign on, as it were, to be "In Recovery."

The RCC is a beacon of hope and a bastion of understanding.

I feel supported, I feel there's a lot of help to be had from attending the groups.
Hasta la vista!


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