Welcome to Hope is Here RCC, Brockton MA

Hours: Monday 12-3, Tuesday 10-1, Wednesday 6-7pm, Thursday 1-4, Friday 12-3, Saturday 10-11

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Hope is Here Recovery Connection Center
730 Belmont Street
Brockton, MA 02302
Phone: (508) 857-0316
Fax: (774) 223-5130

Janet Ransom -- Area Program Director and Peer Leader
Phone: (508)857-0316

Abby Gascoyne -- Community Connector, Taunton Area
Phone: (617)653-2244

Barbara De Cunzo -- Community Connector, Brockton Area and TAY--Young Adult Leader
Phone: (774)539-2131

Lorna Ulmer -- Bridger
Phone: (978)660-8302

Brockton Staff

Mary Lou Garcia - Librarian, Janet Ransom - Director, Peg Richardson - Bridger, Marlene Lolles - Peer Support Facilitator, Laura Bagley - Peer Support Facilitator, Barbara Gilbert

Janet Ransom

Janet Ransom (Site Director of the Brockton Recovery Connection Center), telling her story at the Southeast Legislators Breakfast.

Marlene at Halloween

Marlene at Halloween

Marlene Lolles, during Halloween party where she facilitates a weekly peer support group for elderly residents at the West Acres Nursing Home.

Janet Ransom at 2014 Schiff

Janet Ransom and supporters at the 2014 Schiff Awards.


What is really exciting about our Center is that it is a place where there is Hope. When someone walks through the door they feel refreshed. A community awaits us that welcomes us for what we are and wants to heal our souls, to reach out, to provide a safe environment to grow in.

Recovery happens here as we gain strength and self-esteem that allows to look around and see others that need us.

I look forward to getting up each day to participate in peer support groups. I feel that it has given me a safe place, to feel fearless, independent, strong, secure and able to connect with others that are able to help and understand where I've been. The staff help me reach my maximum capacity and well being. There is no final destination, just a continued progress of recovery. I have also created a bond with all members as close friends and now I have an extended family. The group is there for anyone who feels like there is no place safe to express myself without being judged. Peer groups don't judge or discriminate against anyone. They make me feel very comfortable to be part of their family.

On my journey, after many years in many different programs, I found a very comfortable spot to continue my personal growth in recovery. Members in my group have a tremendous amount of strength. I was welcomed into the group with open arms.

The first thing I became aware of everyone wanted to know me. The tone of the group was very calm and soothing, and it was easy for me to relate on all topics of my life. But my feelings were all over the place. I noticed many members nodding their heads in agreement with my plight.

As I shared, I was at ease. I felt tranquil, I felt this was my group now. It has become an extremely important part of my life and recovery. I have heard many stories of strength, experiences, and hope.I have made a large amount of new and wonderful lifelong friends that I hold in high regard. I am very grateful to have this extraordinary opportunity.

My Benefits from attending Peer Support groups at the Brockton RCC:
1. I have been stable and out of the hospital for more than 8 months.
2. I have the opportunity to be around and interact with people who have gone through similar experiences as me.
3. I have been able to talk to others concerning times I have been in distress.

Contact Us:

Janet Ransom, Director
Peg Richardson, Peer Bridger
Lora Bagley, Peer Facilitator
Marlene Lolles, Peer Facilitator
Mary Lou Garcia, Librarian